Help Wanted: Youth Pastor

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I know it’s Christmas, but we need a Youth Pastor.  I know it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Maybe, just maybe you were like me two Christmases ago and needed to read a post like this because God was moving you down a path you didn’t even know yet.

Maybe God is dealing with your heart. Maybe you needed to read this post or know someone that needs to read it. You are that someone who God is telling to step out on faith and like Abram, “Go from your country and your kindred and your father’s house to the land that I will show you.” (Genesis 12:1, ESV).

We have 20 youth and the possibilities of adding more are in our Christian school of 125. We have a middle school and high school in our town and no one is reaching these kids. Our church has a youth building that could hold 100+, with a kitchen, worship area, stage, sound system, and two game rooms.

Youth Pastor: A full-time position with a church family that is praying for you. A church that is ready to take this step and wants you to know you will be supported. A pastor (that’s me) who will have your back. Maybe it’s time for you to take this step?

Maybe you play the guitar or not. Maybe you haven’t finished college yet. Maybe you have no experience or some. Maybe it’s time for you to take this step?

Call: 910-217-3121

Email resume:

How is Your Appetite?


How is you spiritual appetite?

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.” Matthew 5:6

“HUNGER AND THIRST” represents the necessities of physical life. Jesus’ analogy demonstrates that righteousness is required for spiritual life just as food and water are required for physical life.

Righteousness is not an optional spiritual supplement but a spiritual necessity.

The words used here refer to a hunger of a man who is starving for food, and the thirst of the man who will die unless he drinks. But this word righteousness has a Greek language shift to it. Normally it would be in the genitive case meaning, “I hunger for some bread or I thirst for some water.”

But in this beatitude, righteousness is in the direct accusative, and not the normal genitive. When hungering and thirsting take the accusative instead of the genitive, the meaning is that the hunger and thirst is for the whole thing.

I want the whole loaf of bread; I want the whole pitcher of water.

It means: “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for the whole of righteousness, for complete righteousness.”

It’s changing our appetite to want more of the righteousness of God.

When a person seeks to be made right with God they will do whatever it takes to do that. They will say I don’t care what it costs me, who is looking because I know I need to be made right with God and that means I trust Jesus as my Savior, forgive me of my sins, and today I give you me.

Augustine said, “Man is made for God and his soul will never find rest until it rests in Him.” Nothing short of Christ will ever satisfy man’s deepest longing and greatest need.

But after a person is made right with God by following Jesus then this word takes on another meaning. This refers to the continual longing that is perpetuated in the heart of every saved person until his dying day.

The one who longed to be saved by Christ, now yearns to be made like Him.

The great truth here is that the person who is blessed is not necessarily the one who achieves this righteousness, but the one who longs for it with his whole heart. If blessedness came only to he who achieved, then none would be blessed.

But blessedness comes to the one who, in spite of failures and failings, still clutches to him the passionate love of the highest.

John Darby wrote, “To be hungry is not enough; I must be really starving to know what is in God’s heart toward me. When the prodigal son was hungry, he went to feed on the husks, but when he was starving, he turned to his father.”

That is the hunger of which the fourth beatitude speaks, the hunger for righteousness that only the Father can satisfy.

Are you hungry for Him? How is your appetite?

Keep Looking Up!

Pastor Rodney

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What Must the Church Learn from Bernie Sanders?

Bernie Sanders

Church: Can Bernie Sanders teach us something?

Life is full of lessons. If we are honest, we have to see we are losing young people in our churches. Some believe that a younger pastor will attract younger people. How then does a 74 year old politician draw young people by the thousands to his campaign?

There are all sorts of statistics about the drop-out rate of teenagers after they go to college. Just google “stats on young people leaving the church.” They vary from 70%-84%. That may seem high and may not be accurate.

But we have to ask ourselves: Why are any of them leaving?

Christianity Today did a well researched article on The Real Reasons Young Adults Drop Out of Church.

One great quote to share from that is this: “The reason that many church-attending young adults stopped going to church upon graduating from high school? Their faith just wasn’t personally meaningful to them. They did not have a first-hand faith.”

Faith was not real or relevant.

So let’s pose the question: What makes young people tick, what tugs on them that cause them to grow in their faith and see the church is real and relevant to them?

Enter Bernie Sanders.

In Iowa, “Sanders beat Hillary Clinton 84 percent to 14 percent among Democrats aged 17 to 29. He also won voters aged 30 to 44 by a 21 percentage point margin.”

In New Hampshire, “A CBS poll reveals that 82 percent of women in the state aged 18-29 support Sanders, while only 18 percent support Clinton.”

Some may write this off to Sanders can’t deliver what he promises. Sure, what political does?

But why are young people, and especially young women, flocking to a socialist shepherd?

Look at two facts about our youth:

1.Young people want to be part of something bigger

Look at churches that are successfully reaching young people. What do they offer?

Look at the Bernie Sanders’ campaign. What does he offer?

A movement, where change and something bigger and better is coming.

Churches that focus on young people or have successfully grown youth groups focus on high expectations and multiplication. Terms like a Big God, Reach people, Expect more, and Watch what God will do are in their DNA.

Many of our churches have stagnated and don’t present themselves as a move of God anymore.

Think of transfer growth as another example. People want to go to church where the Spirit is moving.

Young people won’t stay in churches where we say we believe in a Big God but do nothing to back that up.

2. Young people don’t want to wait their turn

Churches must be constantly letting young people take on more responsibility. We must listen to what they think.

When church leaders act like youth are children, we will lose them when they can decide for themselves to go to church.

Even young families won’t stay if we don’t give them a place to lead.

Why should young people who love Jesus have to sit and wait?

John F. Kennedy said, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

We are having a revolution among our young people in churches. We are seeing an exodus that we have to change. That’s really the point, WE have to change.

It’s not the young people’s fault. WE must “Train up a child in the way he should go.” We pastors, leaders, and older generation have to get our youth ready for a move of God.

But if we don’t expect it, then why should they stay?

I’m not endorsing Bernie’s politics, but he really can teach us something.

Keep Looking Up!

Heaven is closer than you think.

May God bless your day.

Pastor Rodney

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What’s in the Power of Words?

We don’t know what we can become or will become. Our lives could be set in scenes of a novel we may not even want to be in. The enemy of our souls would like nothing better than for us to waste our time and energy on things that distract us from reaching our full potential.

This is why the words we choose to say and the words we receive in our hearts are so important.

Think about the words you’ve used and the words you’ve heard. How have words shaped you? How many words inspire our imaginations to be more than what we are?

If it wasn’t for a man understanding the power of the imagination and the connection with words, we may never have had Star Trek, Star Wars, X-Men, or The Avengers.

Science Fiction began in the mind of a man who wanted to do something different—blend Science with literature. Mix imagination, with words, and you get a place where people come alive.

This young man actually went off to college to be a lawyer. That’s what his dad wanted. After all, dad was a lawyer. Off to Paris with a Juris Doctor in his future—his star was burning bright. But something changed.

The son fell in love with Literature. He loved books, not for memorization, but for inspiration. He fell in love with words.

Words are a powerful tool. Think how a kind word changes your day. How someone’s smile and gratefulness can brighten your morning and add meaning to your life. But think too of words that cause harm.

The Bible even tells us “The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.” Proverbs 18:21 (NIV)

This website is launched today to bring life to the reader. This podcast is spoken today to build up the listener. This is why mankind is here and why Christianity is essential.

Life comes from words. And hearts who want to help others are the ones that God blesses. Wasted words, either written or spoken, have no place in a spirit who wants to soar.

In 1863, while the United States was involved in Civil War, our young author wrote his first best selling novel. It was called, Five Weeks in a Balloon. It sparked the imagination of people worldwide. It launched what was called “Scientific Fiction.” That book was a best seller, but not his biggest book.

His words opened up the idea of traveling places not yet even thought of before. He wrote Journey To The Centre Of The Earth, From The Earth To The Moon, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, and then Around The World In 80 Days.

We may never travel to the center of the earth, but why would a novelist have a vision to write From The Earth To The Moon. Would we have walked on the moon without that spark of imagination by a book written more than a hundred years earlier?

In 1954 the United States Navy launched the world’s first nuclear-powered submarine, named for the famous fictional submarine Nautilus. Would we have launched our submarines without 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea?

Would we have looked to space if this man would have become a lawyer? Would Gene Roddenberry write Star Trek, or would George Lucas write about the battle of good and evil in Star Wars? Would we reach for the heavens without an author born in 1828?

This young man said it himself, “Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real.” (Jules Verne, GoodReads)

Words. Words breed dreams. And a life without dreams is no life at all. C.S.Lewis wrote, “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

Dreams build hope. Hope that tomorrow can be better. Hope that God is working together for our good. Hope that our families will be taken care of and the world can get better in spite of all the harmful words.

That’s why we love words. They inspire. They cause us to hope and dream.

This blog, this website, and this podcast will never use words to tear down. We will not debate, or be critical of anyone. We will only use words that inspire the Body of Christ to live life looking up. To Lift Up Your Day to Him.

Pastor Rodney Coe