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Pastor Rodney CoePastor Rodney Coe is the Founder/Managing Editor of He served for thirteen years in the U.S. Navy. Rodney has a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing/English from Southern New Hampshire University; He also has a Bachelor and Master of Theology, as well as two Doctorate degrees. Rodney has a Fellow Award with the Stephen Olford Institute of Biblical Preaching. He has written over 200 articles. Pastor Rodney and his wife Brenda have four sons. His prayer is that he can encourage the Body of Christ.

Check out His Debut Novel:

Rise of the ProphetThe land of Habareet faces so much trouble, only a miracle could save them. And the country’s leaders and many of its people no longer tolerate miracles—or the One who sends them. But Adonai has not forgotten His ancient promises for revival and restoration. In a few corners of the land, the impossible begins to happen—through the most unlikely people.

A young soldier displays the strength of Samson, and a tanker full of diesel refuses to run dry. Rain begins to fall, crops start to grow, and people of opposing races move toward reconciliation. But not without arousing fierce opposition. AWOL soldier Joel, his sister Naomi, and a handful of believers of the racially torn city of Samarium face stiff opposition—from the top forces of the military elite and a self-proclaimed “prophet” who plans to blow the city wide open. For them to survive, and the ancient prophecies to come true, will take a miracle.

You’ll be glad you joined this faith-stretching adventure.

You can Order an Autographed copy of The Rise of the Prophet from the Author here:

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What people are saying:

A thought-provoking and thrilling début from author Rodney Coe. This book plunges deep into an impressively detailed world that is at once strikingly familiar an utterly new…Whether you read this as a spiritual allegory for our times, a fascinating parable to reflect upon, or a suspenseful story to contemplate and consider on multiple levels, this is a rewarding, sincere, and exciting read that always rivets and captivates. Coe’s prose inspires and galvanizes the reader; more than anything, it leaves you eager for more.

Joanna Schildt, Writer & Professor of Literature, November 2015

“The Bible is a book that tells the story of Redemption. Rodney Coe’s book, The Rise of the Prophet will cause your heart to burn for God’s touch from heaven as redemption captures your soul.”

Dr. Johnny Hunt
Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church Woodstock

As a former high school library media specialist, I am excited about The Rise of the Prophet. This well-written, fast-paced, tension-filled Young Adult novel will engage readers from page one until the very last word. With bonus features, including a glossary and map, teens (and adults alike) will be captivated by the miracles performed and the spiritual warfare that creates and action-packed story. You won’t be able to put it down.

Carol Round, author of Journaling with Jesus and the companion workbook, The 40-Day Challenge

My good friend, Rodney Coe has written a novel masterpiece in The Rise of the Prophet.  It is filled with suspense that compels you to keep reading without taking a break to get to the next event.  The faithfulness of Adonai is central and is clearly seen in all that transpires throughout the book.  You will be encouraged by reading it. Do so and commend it to others.

Jim Law, Executive Pastor
First Baptist Church Woodstock

I am excited about The Rise of the Prophet written by my good friend of many years, Rodney Coe. As an encourager, Rodney’s heart is to share a refreshing work that will entertain and uplift you.
Dr. James Peoples
Senior Pastor Trinity Baptist Church Keystone Heights, Fl

Pastor Rodney Coe is not only a gifted communicator but a great writer too. Enjoy his first novel and look for more to come. The Lord will use this faithful pastor’s pen to inspire readers and more importantly to point them to Jesus Christ.

Jeff Crook, Senior Pastor
Blackshear Place Church
Flowery Branch, GA




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Rodney is an author, pastor, and the founder/managing editor of He has written over 200 articles and his first novel, The Rise of the Prophet, has just been released.

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