Does the Resurrection really matter?

Does the resurrection really matter?

Trust me, this isn’t a lecture about why you should attend church on Easter Sunday or why you should attend church the other 51 days during the year. The question is: why does the resurrection matter in your regular life? Does it make any difference in your every day, drag-yourself-to-work kind of day that involves […]

Planning for the Storms of Life

“Planning for the storms of life”

Plan ahead. Prepare for things you don’t expect. These are the seeds of wisdom I’ve sprinkled on people for the last 25 years of ministry so they don’t find themselves blindsided by life’s trivial and serious handiwork. I shovel advice like nobody’s business. Yesterday, I took heed of a weather forecast for “4-8 inches of […]

How to Have Hope in a Hopeless World

Where do you find your hope?

By the time you read this blog, we will have a new President. There’s at least a 50/50 chance that you won’t be happy. But will you be hopeful? Heb. 11:1 explains that “faith is being sure of what we hope for.” Faith is an important commodity in an election year, isn’t it? Candidates taut […]

What Do You Think of Me?

What Do You Think of Me?

What do you think of me? It’s a probing, nervous question that kids silently ask themselves when they meet someone new, like a teacher or another child. It really means Am I valuable? We grow up, yet we never stop asking those questions. We may become proactive; we learn communication techniques and coping skills to […]

What’s The Deal With My Broken Heart?

What's the deal with my broken heart?

My mother passed away this summer after a massive stroke. Each day, every day for a week, I held her hand and kissed her face and sang her favorite hymns. Through tears, I read her Scripture about God’s love—about hope and healing and eternal glory. The words were meant to encourage her during her final […]

4 Lies about Fulfillment

4 Lies About Fulfillment |

The year is already half over. Time to look at my New Years’ goals. Whoops. To my chagrin, I remember promising to all my readers that I would blog about the progress of my resolutions. I vowed to undertake and implement 12 new goals. (What was I thinking?) Written in my journal is this incredibly […]

Mothering Alone

mothering alone

Today, researchers claim that between 26-33% of children under 21 are being raised by single parents. The majority of those parents (up to 83%) are single mothers. Consistently over the past few years, about a third of mothers with a newborn infant are single (either unmarried, divorced, or widowed). But statistics don’t really help you feel better about […]

In Jesus’ name, Amen

Bible on table

John 14:14 might be one of our favorite verses in the Bible: “You may ask anything in my name, and I will do it.” Hence, someone developed the practice of praying with the important tag on the end, “In Jesus’ name, Amen.” Because adding Jesus’ name to a request is like saying, “please” when you’re […]

How To Find Importance


Do you struggle with feeling unimportant? Invisible? You love your family, your church, your job. Yet it all feels mundane at times—like it’s not enough. You find yourself frequently disillusioned and pining for more. But how do you find it? I feel that way sometimes. Even though I know the trap of self-pity and bruised […]