Organize Your Spiritual Life

I have recently returned from a writer’s conference and was overwhelmed with information, resources, and new opportunities. It started me thinking about getting organized. Being the creative type, this doesn’t come easy for me, but I know if I don’t get organized I cannot capitalize on everything that I learned at the conference.

Just as we need to learn to be organized in our work environment, we also need to reorganize spiritually from time to time. This will help keep us from floundering around with no direction in our spiritual time. Being organized does not mean being rigid. We always want to leave room for God to direct us in our spiritual growth but God can also direct us in the organization.

Quiet Time

  • Location

Find a place to have your quiet time. Maybe where you have been doing it isn’t working out so great. If your current place is not working or if you feel your quiet time is stale try a new location.

  • Materials

Have a basket, tote bag or some other container to hold your materials. The most important material, of course, is your Bible. Get a version that you are comfortable with and can understand. If you use a devotional book or magazine keep it in your container. Be sure you have a notebook and pen to write down what the Lord says to you or the insight that you gain from scripture. It is also good to have a notepad that you can jot down a phrase or concept that you don’t understand. If you have it on a notepad you can take that with you to your computer or commentary for further research.  Also keep a prayer notebook containing your prayer requests. Be sure to write the date and how God answers each one. You will have a record of God’s faithfulness in your life. You might also want to keep praise music in your quiet time location if you like to begin or end your time with the Lord in this way.

  • Time

Decide on the time of day that you want to have your quiet time. While I think that it is important to meet with the Lord at the beginning of the day that may not be the optimal time for devotional and Bible reading for everyone. Not everyone is a morning person. Some people work nights; others may need to get everyone out of the house before quiet time is even possible. So, you have to decide what time is right for you. A word of caution, don’t put it off until you get busy in other things or too tired to think. Give God the best part of your day.


  • Attend worship services regularly. God designed the church to enable us to serve.
  • Find a place of service. You can serve God in your church, community or through missions. Part of being organized in our worship is not letting opportunities of service slip by us.
  • Plan ahead for ministry. Allow time to serve on committees, to help with VBS or to go to cleanup day at church. Get your church bulletin or newsletter and plug those important dates into your calendar.

Spiritual Enrichment

  • Books

Make a list of books that you would like to read. Maybe you have already bought them and just haven’t gotten around to them.

  • Special events

Is your church having a women’s conference? Go ahead and save the date.  Is your favorite Christian performer going to be in your area? Call a friend and get tickets.

  • Plan a budget

If you know that you want to buy new books or attend a concert put it in the budget. Invest in your spiritual life like you do your wardrobe and other areas.


“And he did evil, because he prepared not his heart to seek the Lord.” (2 Chronicles 12:14) (KJV)

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