The Undoing and Regluing

“It’s worth stating that Christians don’t worship the Bible by any means, but we believe there is tremendous power in it. We believe it is the revelation of God. We read the Bible because we need an encounter with God; we need to hear His words. These days we are always reading words-scrolling Twitter, reading emails, text messages, and the pretty Instagram quotes. We want quick inspiration. Reading Scripture, however, is slower, quieter work. It takes time, patience, and attention, but if we’re looking to nourish our souls, nothing can compete with it.” (Melissa Moore, Entrusted Bible Study by Beth Moore)

I love to write. I always have words swirling around in my head. In fact, I have a “notes” section on my iPhone dedicated to writing ideas along with a writing notebook I keep with me at all times. The words swirl and my bones burn until I release them. I love how God has granted me a love for words but even more so…His Words.

Last month, I wrote a piece for Lift Up Your Day titled; A Mother’s Dose of Humility. You see, somewhere along the line of enjoying a gift the Lord has given me, I hoarded it up for myself instead of pouring it out, out of a love for God. My desire to honor God with the gifts (He’s given) began to disappear and was becoming replaced with things like being the best writer, having a large following, writing the most moving piece, getting more likes and comments and shares. I became self-focused when the whole reason I started all of this was out of a love for Him, but I lost it – a pure focus, that is.

I’m so glad He didn’t let me wander too far or too long this time. Don’t get me wrong, the only reason I “got a grip” so quickly is because I’m finally doing something that has become a habit, (something I never used to do habitually) spend time in His Word. In doing so, I became captivated by Him, by His words, His life, His purpose. Jesus came to seek and save the lost. He was used, abused, misunderstood, hurt, and wounded but he was also praised, magnified, glorified, justified and it’s in these times of His life that I was captivated by Him, His response to it all the glory.

In fact, let’s explore Scripture together for a moment. Go, get your Bible and open to the book of John. Now, locate and read the miracle Jesus performed where he fed the five thousand in John 6. After you have read verses 1-15, go back and read verse 15. What did Jesus do after the people were ready to make Him their king?

This Scripture was the undoing of me. Jesus was being exalted, praised, and even about to be (as scripture says) forced to be their king and yet he went “away into the hills by himself”. Not only did he go away, Scripture says He slipped away meaning he didn’t linger around to try and be talked out of only to hear how much he was wanted and desired. No, Jesus left, unbeknownst to others, to be alone.

Here is my undoing: I write, I love to write, God has gifted me to speak, write, and teach about Him and I linger in the praise of it all. You see, what if you wanted to make me “king”? Would I slip away and go be with my Father? This is where the ungluing and regluing happens: when the very words of Scripture come off the page and transform lives, specifically mine today.

Today I undo the lie that approval is evidence of my equipping and reglue the truths of Scripture to my mind and create something that sounds like: working for the Lord, not for men (Colossians 3:23-24), pouring out my gifts, not shying away from them … that’s not humility but a lack of thankfulness for what He can and is doing in me, and in all things may everything be a result of our love for my Savior and His words.

Let’s end the same way we started, with Melissa Moore. “We’re part of the Bible’s grand narrative…When we engage this book we begin to lift up our eyes and gaze at something cosmic God is doing that surpasses our own generation. His work of redemption and renewal spans centuries and civilizations. When we read this text, we are called to play our part in the drama of redemption.” (Melissa Moore, Entrusted Bible Study by Beth Moore)

Starting today and lasting for always, may we grasp and use the gift we were entrusted with (Scripture) by the ever present, ever glorified God.

Maria Bowersock

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