Watching Creation

“Watching Creation,” is the title of a new series I’m working on. The children in the story start out in heaven and have some adventures before God has them watch as he begins to create the world. It’s not until the third day that they really begin to experience what’s around them on earth. Think of yourself, or your kids experiencing heaven. What would you see, feel, smell, hear, and taste?

Imagine that you were able to watch God as he created the world. What types of things can you imagine yourself doing? Would you be weightless? What type of mischief do you see getting into while exploring the grass, fields, and fruits of the third day of creation?

Last fall I had the opportunity to walk the beach at sunrise in St. Augustine. I walked feeling the sand and water on my feet, enjoying the textures that I don’t usually get to feel. Then I sat down and looked out over the water. The sky was beginning to show the first glimpses of light. It felt like I was all alone witnessing what it might have been like to see the very first dawn. It was a time of closeness with God without the distractions of everyday life. I was able to pray and actually feel His presence surrounding me. Quieting my mind I was able to hear His answers to my prayers.

Have you found a place where you can get away from daily life and be close to God? A place where you can listen for His voice?

Share with us your special place. What do you do to quiet your mind, so you can hear the voice of God?

Jann Martin

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