Why Do Pastor’s Grow Weary?

“And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.”
Galatians 6:9

You’ve seen it. Your pastor just isn’t as happy as he used to be. The smile isn’t as wide. His eyes don’t glow when he talks to people. His joy has faded.

He’s weary. Worn out.

If you are a pastor you’ve felt it. You are not preaching with the same gusto. Studying is a struggle. Prayer feels like a prick in your heart.

Your heart? Yes, that’s where the problem lies.

As our verse says our hope is that we can go around “doing good.” We want to plant seed and watch it grow in do-good garden. The fruit of our work starts with us being able to cultivate hearts that are fertile for God.

But, the reality is not every heart is fertile. Some just want us to do what they think we should do. That’s why Paul said, “not grow weary.” Like a crop of doing good, weeds begin to spring up and need to be plucked.

“Dealt with” is probably a better phrase. See, people and problems are always intertwined in the do-good garden.

People have agendas and they want something from us. Sometimes their agendas keep us from doing good. They place us in situations we can’t succeed in and then the failure weed grows in our heart.

People begin to talk about us. Sometimes what they are saying isn’t even true. A complaint. A critique. A criticism.

What can we do? Keep going and growing.

Without growth the plant dies. Without spiritual growth the heart dies. We have to keep praying, reading our Bibles, studying, witnessing, and ministering to the people. If we let a person keep us from growing, we will quit going to people and doing good.

That’s what the enemy wants. Discouragement is the greatest weed the enemy plants.

As I said earlier, people and problems are intertwined in ministry. Problems are always connected to people. We have to deal with people continually. When problems aren’t dealt with they grow.

Then we cannot reap the harvest. Weeds have choked out healthy growth. The church garden is weed infested.

When we feel like there is no fruit, no growth, we give up.

First, it’s just in our heart. Then it’s written all over our face. Our smile is forced. Our preaching isn’t what it once was because we are staring at the weeds.

So what do we do? Pull the weeds. Deal with the person. In love. But deal with it. We cannot continue doing good if all we feel is bad.

I have been there. I have given up. But, the good news is God never gives up on us.

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Keep Looking Up!

Pastor Rodney

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