Why Our Chickens Crossed the Road

The Loss

The beginning of summer proved to be rough for my husband Robby and me. Our sweet kitty, Sue, developed cancer earlier in the year, and we started her on chemo. Unfortunately, the treatment was too much for her, and she passed away on May 21.

Sue wasn’t just a cat; she was our fur-baby. She knew just how to bring comfort and joy to our lives each and every day. That’s why her passing was so devastating. I trusted God had a plan, but I couldn’t make it out, and I was too upset that day to really care. Robby and I just sat in the window seat by Sue’s empty bed and wondered what we were supposed to do next.

Then the phone rang. It was our neighbors, the Smiths, asking if we were ready to take the girls.

The Gain

The “girls” are the two beautiful Red Star hens our neighbors had acquired the Sometimes chickens need to cross the roadprevious month. The Smiths were moving to a neighborhood that didn’t allow chickens, and we had happily agreed to adopt them. However, the moving date wasn’t for several weeks, and we hadn’t planned on taking the girls that weekend.

I looked at Robby and sighed. “Well? What else are we going to do? If I keep sitting here, I’ll go crazy.”

He nodded slowly. “OK. Let’s do it.”

The Smiths came over, bringing kind words of encouragement. They had previously lost a beloved pet and understood what we were going through. We then quickly got down to business. Robby had bought and assembled a coop a couple weeks beforehand, and the Smiths helped us reinforce it against predators. Working outside in the sun helped us forget about the empty house inside.

When the coop was ready, we went next door, loaded the girls in a crate, put the crate in a wheelbarrow, and wheeled them across the street. They clucked the whole way! We showed them to their new coop, and they immediately began to peck at the new soil. We couldn’t help but laugh at their little sounds and the way they ruffled their feathers as they bathed in the sand.

The Message

That evening, Robby and I marveled at what God had done. We knew why our chickens crossed the road that day, from our neighbors’ house to ours: to bring us comfort and joy when we needed it most, and to remind us that God loves us and has a plan for us.

We didn’t know when Sue would leave this world, but God did. We didn’t know what joy the chickens would bring us, but He did. He orchestrated the whole thing and brought us encouragement by way of the Smiths and two plucky hens, Lula Bell and Lu Ellen.

When the night seems the darkest, we should remember that God is not blind. He is not surprised when our circumstances change, and He is not hindered by our grief. All things work for the good to those of us who love God and are called according to His purpose (see Romans 8:28).

Remember that it is God who arranges the events of youChicken2 [685404]r days. Your job is to simply be obedient to His call (like the Smiths were that day). I also recommend looking out for chickens crossing the road. You never know—they just may be the blessing you need.

Ashley Jones

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