Search Committee ‘Cast Lots’ to Pick Pastor

By Henry Brown

When it comes to picking a pastor, most churches realize the importance of calling. They view the pick much like a coveted #1 pick in the NFL draft. However, some churches see the pastor pick as a roll of the dice.

Higher Ground Baptist Church has looked for a pastor seven times in the last twenty-two years. Some of their pastor search committee members have been involved with four of the seven searches.

Their unique challenge has led them to a biblical passage they feel is “Divine” at its core.

Committee Chairman Bob Bright told us, “One of our oldest members has served on all seven of the committees and said this was what we should follow.”

The committee chose to follow the advice of the Bible. “Then they ‘cast lots’ to choose between the two men, and the one chosen was Matthias.” (Acts 1:26)

“We couldn’t decide between six men. To be honest, once you view 400 resumes it’s hard to know who to pick.” Bob Bright smiled. “After all, one pastor is pretty much the same as another.”

The committee made a night of it. They had a round robin tournament where the “lots” were replaced with dice. All the pastors’ pictures were pinned to a bulletin board, and then the dice were rolled.

“It turned out to be a ‘lot’ of fun.” Bob Bright grinned. “At first some weren’t thrilled to be doing it, but eventually we started running side bets on who would win. We even broke out the communion juice to make the night extra special.”

When I asked the chairman if they crossed the line by rolling the dice and betting, his response was: “It’s not like we had a Urim and Thummim. Besides, picking a pastor is a roll of the dice anyway.”

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