Are You Backing Away from Bravery?

He was ruddy. A redhead. Small in statue and frame. The kind of boy you would not know by name.

His brothers, much stronger and valiant than he, were sent to the battlefield to fight off the foe. But David the Shepherd Boy was told to stay behind, working in the field in rain or shine. He was up at daybreak and late at night. Many times, alone all by himself.

He was different than others because He loved God so much. He once was called “a man after God’s very own heart” (Acts 13:22). He did whatever God asked him to do.

Whatever the cost.

Whatever the pain.

Here’s where most of us differ you see…we don’t always want to do what God has to say. This word called obedience gets in our way. We much rather have things just like we like it. Playing with friends. Watching some t.v.. It’s easy to succumb to thinking that God planned things our way. Surely our Father God would want us to have fun. He must want us to enjoy a good time out in the sun.

If we are not careful, we quickly become selfish. Thinking too highly of ourselves, meanwhile forgetting all about someone else. We keep ourselves wrapped up in our own little worlds.

Neglecting God’s Word.

Walking in the ways of this world.

Then one day, while David was out tending sheep, his father Jesse hollered and asked him to take some bread, cheese, and grain to his precious brothers. There was a war going on between David’s people, the Israelites, and the horrible enemy army called the Philistines. The battle had been brewing for 40 days now and the Israelites were shaking in fear.

The enemy was big, bad, and ugly. They were fierce. They were mean. No doubt, it would be a long, drawn out combat.

When David arrived on the scene, to his surprise and dismay, his people were struggling to be brave. Rather than showing courage and strength, their knees were knocking from inconsolable fright. Had they forgotten who they belonged to? Someone all powerful and super smart? Did they overlook that their strength came from heaven above? They could be brave as a child of God!

“The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him.” Psalm 28:7 NIV


And then David looked over and saw what was a matter. A giant named Goliath was massive and unforgettable

Goliath was scary and wanted to battle. He yelled at the top of his lungs, “Choose a man for yourselves. Send him to me. I’m ready to fight!”

Now here posed a problem for the poor Israelites. Not a single man wanted to go. They were scared they would lose their very own life.

Goliath teased and taunted the poor Israelite army. But despite his evilness, God was still greater. God loved His people so much that He did not leave them alone. He sent them a Rescuer to come save the day.

David began to tell the others gathered around, “I am not afraid of this giant. My God is much greater!”

You probably have heard of the rest of this story (see 1 Samuel 17), and yet, I bet it’s become somewhat common. In your everyday going about, I wonder if you are ready to choose bravery. Is your faith strong to stand all alone, going against what everyone else is a sayin’? Do you believe that God can come through when your world is falling apart? Do you think God could use you…even when you don’t feel whippy smart? There’s a lesson here in this story of old—God can make something extraordinary out of the seemingly ordinary!

David exceeded the odds that day by merely slinging a stone in the air. As a result, the giant Goliath came crashing down and the surely did scatter.  Many years later the ultimate Rescuer arrived whose name is Jesus. I pray you know Him personally by name.

 “Greater is He who is in me than He who is in the world.” 1 John 4:4

Sue Allen

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How are you struggling with bravery today? If you wholeheartedly believed God could use you like He used David, would your life change? Let us know on our Facebook page. 


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Sue A. Allen resides in Austin, Texas along with her husband and four overly active children ranging in age from four to nineteen (the youngest who was recently adopted from Haiti). Sue, along with her husband Coby, founded Dell Children’s Medical Global Outreach, which provides much needed medical care and training to under served populations around the world.

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