Pastor’s Wife Reprimanded for Not Using Approved Color in Parsonage

By Henry Brown

“It’s clearly stated in the bylaws. Parsonage Section II, Paragraph 1, Line 2 states, The parsonage walls may NOT be painted any color other than beige or white. We would have allowed Ivory and maybe even Spun Sugar but she crossed the line.”

The decorating committee of Brownsville Baptist Church reprimanded pastor’s wife Betsy Brumlet for painting her three year old daughter’s room yellow. The reprimand consisted of a formal letter that stays in the pastor’s personnel file, and a special called business meeting to “make the church aware” of the violation.

Pastor Bill Brumlet was also informed by the deacons that people were not happy about this violation. “I was told some things I can’t repeat. No names were mentioned, but the deacons indicated that people were unhappy with the color choice of my daughter’s bedroom.”

Decorating committee chairwoman Beulah Bartholomew, a lifelong member of Brownsville, said, “I have never seen a pastor’s wife show such disregard for the bylaws of the church.” Several other church ladies shook their heads when asked their opinions.

However, a new member seemed confused at the magnitude of this incident. “What does it matter what color a room is painted at the parsonage? Do churches really make a big deal about things like this?”

The pastor’s wife was instructed in the business meeting that it was not her home to decorate.

“One thing is certain, our bylaws will be adhered to” Beulah Bartholomew said. The other ladies nodded in support.

Since the publishing of this article, the pastor and his wife have resigned the church.

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