Local Pastor Offers Choice Seating to Tithers

By Henry Brown

“It should never have happened.” Mr. Moony said. “I have been the Sunday School Superintendent here for twenty-seven years and this has caused many to leave the church.”

In accordance with the by-laws of New Yellow Creek #3, this announcement had been in the bulletin for six weeks and the church passed it by a vote of 16-13.

The choice seating is now called “The Tithing Section.” There are even small gold plaques with names, and how many seats are available to each tither. They even are offered visiting family seating in those best seats.

“This is unheard of. For the pastor to offer the best seats in the house to the people that tithe is purely favoritism.” Mr. Moony shook his head. “Now I don’t know what we will do.”

Mr. Moony took a deep breath. “Where will visitors sit? We had a visitor two weeks ago and she sat in the tithing section. Think of Easter and Christmas. This could be a melee.”

Two new people showed up last Easter Sunday and Mr. Moony is concerned they may go some place else next year.

“The tithers hatched this plan with the new pastor. They wanted those seats and the pastor had to make them happy. There really isn’t anything anyone can do because most of the deacons are tithers.” Mr. Moony hung his head.

“I really don’t know if the church can recover. We have lost three families. Nearly a third of our church is gone.” Mr. Moony said.

The Tithing Section takes up the back two rows of the church and the overflow room which doubles as the fourth Sunday School class. That is part of Moony’s concern.

“People have sat in the same seats for decades, and now we are changing everything. Some of the tithers don’t come to Sunday School and they stand in the overflow room and wait for the Senior Adult Women’s class to let out.” Moony sighed.

“You know people go crazy for the best seats in the house.” Moony shrugged “But I don’t get to sit there anymore.”

Moony turned slightly then exclaimed, “What if everyone tithed? What would the church do then?”

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