How to Be On Guard!

The Peace, Power, and Unity in the Body of Christ Are Under Attack!

As we each grow and learn more as Christians, it can become very easy to look out into the world to determine our growth or to measure our progress. When we do this though, we automatically fall short and move our bar and ambition way too low.

God’s Word is where our measure truly rests and Christ is our standard.

This is why we must keep our ears off the noise of the world. It is constantly battling for our attention, and its goal is always to take our minds and hearts off of God, derailing us from the direction God has set before us.

It seems all obvious at 1st, vibrant flashes trying to lure and distract you, worldly commotions fueled from man’s fleshly desires, but then there are more subtle attempts, like the busyness of a packed schedule.

It all makes you feel quite important, more knowledgeable, “up to speed on current events”, or even more necessary.

Yet, it can often carry a destructive force with it, especially when it diverts our time, energy and peace away from fellowship with other Believers and the Lord.

A timely example, for those living in the US, is what is occurring among the Brethren during this very big election year: stress, online connections being severed or blocked, division, tension, quarrels, clamor, out bursts of wrath, and anxiety.

It is successfully being used as the weapon of choice by the adversary and his forces this year and looks to be extremely effective. It is derailing, one-by-one, the unaware and undisciplined brother or sister in the Body of Christ.

The strategy is to pull us into its vortex of commotion, conflict, anxiety, and fear. This is why staying grounded in the Word is critical, more than ever. Too many are allowing it to become such a distraction and interference in their daily, physical, and spiritual lives.

The biggest concern with fixing our attention at all (online or offline) on things that create and stir up conflict, is it will bombard your emotions, consume your thought life and rob you of your peace. Once that breakdown begins, you can unknowingly be off course and stay off course from the Divine destiny God has set up for you.

We are called to:

  • Stand in agreement with what God loves, hate what He hates
  • Pray, not only for our nation, but for ourselves, our family, the Brethren, AND for our enemy as well.
  • Continue living, without division, to share and shine the light of Christ to the world so desperately spinning in confusion.

We make our most impactful difference when we Love through Christ. Whether we Speak, Sing, Tweet, Write, or Post.

It’s about His Glory, His Hope, His Love, His Grace and His protection. None of it is about us.

Sharing Christ’s Love, now more than ever into all you’re able within your current realm of influence, is how lives are transformed and brought into eternity.

Be sharp this season, dear brothers and sisters in Christ. When all the noise tries to trap you into its peaceless grip, roll all your cares onto the Lord.

We know this intellectually, and now it’s time to guard its truth out into your faith life. Your allegiance is to the Lord, and that alone makes any stress or conflict not yours to handle. The battle belongs to the Lord!

Let God worry about the heart and words of the men or women who may cause you stress or concern.

Let the angels battle it out in the unseen realm.

Be reassured today, NOTHING gets by our God! Our eyes are to be fixed on Heaven and remember, this is not our home!

You still have so much God wants you to: do, become, and experience.

Yet, you won’t be able to see your Divine purpose fulfilled if you keep getting caught up in everything else everyone on line and offline is talking about, stressing about or doing. THIS is serious spiritual business right here.

YOUR LIFE, as a Believer belongs to Jesus. You now have been grafted in to God’s miraculous & unique plan.

May this serve all of us, who are one in the Body of Christ, and be our reminder to be cautious and protective of our peace.

Take a moment today to step back and do a quick self-assessment. Is there anything that you find yourself listening to, watching, or spending your precious time and energy on that produces a high emotional charge? This may be the first area to look, as this is where the trickiest and successful strategies of the adversary hide.

An easy way to measure if what we are focusing on is truly born from above and fueled by Christ, is by running it up against the precious list of the Fruits of the Spirit.

Where God is, the Fruits of the Spirit will always be. If quarrels, negativity, disrespect, and unkindness are ruling the tongues of those your ear can hear or eyes can see, that situation is not being fueled or nurtured by the Lord.

Take rest and know that you have armies of angels surrounding you to help you bring God’s plan to fruition, the battle isn’t yours to fight. You Win Victoriously through prayer!

“Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord.” (Hebrews 12:14)

“Remind them of these things, and solemnly charge them in the presence of God, not to quarrel about words, which is useless and leads to the ruin of the hearers.” (2Timothy 2:14)

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