Why Does God Warn Us?

It took me several weeks to become acclimated to the buttons and functions of my new car. Most of the time, I could figure out fairly quickly where something was or what it meant. Except this one red light and beeping noise that seemed to go off at random with no rhyme or reason.

At various speeds, my car would beep 3 times and flash a warning that read FCW. The first few times, I questioned and wondered. The next few times I became agitated. Then I got to a point of ignoring. I’d accepted the fact that I didn’t understand it and likely wouldn’t.

Eventually, I did pull out the owners manual to attempt to solve the mystery.

FCW – forward crash warning. The car detected my speed and the distance of the cars around me to warn me of possible dangers. The car knew what I failed to see – danger was just ahead.

The frequency of the warnings and my lack of understanding tempted me to tune it out and proceed on. Once I understood I was in danger when I heard the annoying beeps, I sat a little straighter in my seat. I came back to attention and took note of what was happening around me.

I thought back to a time when my youngest son was about 4 years old. Prior to crossing the street, I instructed him to walk directly behind me. One step onto the crosswalk, and he darted full speed ahead of me. I could see what he was unable to see- a car speeding towards us with no intention of stopping for pedestrians.

I reached forward and pulled Andrew back by the collar of his shirt while the car missed him by mere inches. When we reached our car, I fell into tears, my hands shook at the thought of what almost happened. I thought of how I tried to warn him, and he failed to stay in the safety of my protection as I instructed him to.

I sensed God’s gentle voice pressing into my heart. I’m always here providing refuge for you. Stay close to me because I see what you are unable to see. I love you and desire the very best for your life.

God’s Word is full of warnings to help guide us through life. He warns us of temptations and areas of sin, He warns us against anything that becomes more important than our faith. He warns us of deceivers.

He warns us because He sees what we are unable to see. He desires to protect us in the shelter of His arms because He cares for us.

God doesn’t just shout out a warning and leave us stranded to find safety. He tells us to take refuge in Him.

We are wise to heed God’s warnings, knowing they are for our protection and care. May today we have eyes to see the warnings He presents to us and ears to hear Him at every we turn we make. May we seek wisdom and follow in the path God sets for us. May the warnings not become so commonplace, we are tempted to tune them out.

Today, I’m leaning into His protective embrace and resting in His strength and love.

Proverbs 22:3, “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty.”

Renee Robinson



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